Urgizzy is a temporary artist run space in Densbüren AG that started in spring 2017.
The exhibition space is located in an 18th century farrier's workshop that was used to equip horses before and after they crossed the Staffelegg pass on their way to and from Aarau.
It was in use until the 1960ies.
In 1981, the canton of Aargau bought the building from its local owners with the intention to tear it down in order to make place for the expansion of the town's main road.
However, the road construction did not require the building's removal, and the canton sold it back to the residents of Densbüren. Since returning to the community, the local landmark has been used as noise block from the road, as well as at times as storage facility for local families.
Urgizzy is organized by Thomas Moor.

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